Annabel is a singer songwriter who loves to sing her stories about rebirth, stories to empower woman, her love for nature and whispers the stories that lay in our shadows...

She plays guitar and sings. In 2015 she started playing with the band: De Huilende Wolven (The Howling Wolves) One year ago she met Gerrit Steenbreker and asked if she could record one song in his studio. After one song came another and after ten songs they had an album. Annabel invited a lot of musicians to record there instruments and help her with the arrangements. Now after one year 10 songs are ready to share on her first debut album. Her new album is called: H O M E .
A lot of her songs are about coming home.

Coming home is for her a very important theme. “It's not only a theme for me but for us humans in general”

She lives in the east of the Netherlands just outside town on a beautiful piece of land called Landgoed AlGoed ( the land All Good) she has a daycare for people who cannot have a job or social place in society. “I want to create a place where people feel they have unique qualities to share in a community, where they can be themselfs. Coming Home is for me something I want to live, sing and share and not only something to talk about. 

She wrote her first song when she was 18 and never stopped making them.
She studied one year at the pop conservatory in Amsterdam and stopped because she needed to stay very close to herself, to stay connected with her own music.

She likes to go on making new albums, because she has still a lot of songs to share..

The album you can buy here: